Corner Bar

The day matched Charlie’s mood. Dark, gloomy with a bit of anger. Unlucky at love and tired of being alone. Trying to do the right thing, yesterday at work, got him fired. Charlie was convinced he was cursed.

To take the edge off he walked down to the Corner Bar. The beer was cold and the food was better than average. One of you classier dives.

There was only a a few people sitting at the bar as Charlie sat at the far end. The barmaid strolled over with a friendly smile. Charlie ordered a tall glass of suds, quickly downed it and ordered another.

Lost in thought while nursing his beer, Charlie barely noticed the gorgeous red head drinking an umbrella-drink sitting next to him.

He smiled, “I’m Charlie.”

“Pam,” she shook his hand.

They continued their small talk as they drank. Charlie’s mood flipped like a light switch. By his forth beer Charlie had forgotten why he was such in a terrible mood in the first place. He didn’t know if it was the alcohol or Pam making him feel better.

She whispered into his ear. Charlie nodded, put two twenty’s on the bar and followed her out the door.

He got into the passenger side of her car. She drove for about thirty minutes to a secluded spot along the river.

Pam moved over and began kissing Charlie. Charlie reached his arms over his head when Pam started to pull his shirt over his head. He herd a click and felt something cool around his wrists. He tried to pull his hands down, but his wrists were bound together and was unable to pull his arms down.

“This is for my little sister.”

She pulled his shirt down and slapped his cheek. Charlie begged for his freedom as she climbed out of the car. Before shutting the door, Pam took off the emergency break. The car slowly drifted down the embankment and into the water.

Charlie’s last thought was who was Pam’s sister.

Published by authorjturley

R James started writing bad poetry in his mid-30's. While taking a couple writing courses he wrote short stories with interesting characters. R James has been published in, Creepies 2: Things that go Bump in the Closet, Deviant Shadows: Tales of the Parabnormal, among others. R James got sick of the northern winters, and writes from the sunshine state, where the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

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