Railway Station

She vowed to meet him before he boarded the train. Jerry was going to Chicago for the summer to do research for a book he’s thinking about writing and was staying downtown for an interview he was conducting the next morning.  Dawn hasn’t been away from him for more than a weak since they met. Theirs was a special kind of love you only find in fairytales.

Dawn had to stay home and take care of her mother. She was dying of cancer, and the doctors didn’t expect her to last the year. Jerry offered to stay home, but Dawn insisted he go. There was nothing he could do anyway.

15 years ago

Running toward the train that was about to depart, Jerry bumped into a woman knocking the suitcase out of her hand. The suitcase broke open and clothes spilled out onto the sidewalk. The train pulled out while he was helping her gather her clothes.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “You missed the train.”

Jerry looked up to say something to her but was infatuated with her eyes. The most beautiful blue he ever saw.

“I’m Jerry,” he finally said.

“I’m Dawn,” she closed the suitcase.

Jerry realized he was staring, “You have the most beautiful eyes.”

“Thank you. I’m Dawn,” she stood up. “Where you headed?”

“Altoona, to interview this ballplayer.” He shook her hand, “I’m a sportswriter,” he searched for one of his cards. “Where you coming from, or going to?”

“Buffalo,” she pointed to where she got off the train. “I was visiting my sister for two weeks.”

He nodded his head, “I been there in the winter, too cold.”

Present day

The cell phone on the nightstand vibrated waking Dawn. It was a text message from Jerry. Interview canceled. Breakfast at the Railway Station? It was a diner a block away from the train station. She texted her reply saying she looked forward to it and hopped in the shower.

Dawn rushed through her shower and quickly got dressed. The car roared to life as she turned the key. She pulled out of the driveway, but Dawn didn’t see the pickup barreling down the road.

13 years ago

The church was decorated with Lily’s, it was Dawn’s favorite flower. Jerry anxiously waited for his bride to come down the aisle. His stomach twisted when Here Comes the Bride began to play.

Dawn rounded the corner and Jerry’s nervousness went away. She looked gorges. A sexy lace wedding dress snuggly fit showing off some cleavage. Jerry had to roll his tongue back into his mouth.

The ceremony was short with both reciting vows they wrote. The limo ride took thirty minutes to the reception. The DJ announced the newlyweds before they entered the hall.

After the bridle dance Jerry swooped her up in his arms and whisked her away to a night of passion. They stayed at the airport hotel because their flight was leaving in the morning for Germany.

Present day

Someone knocked while Jerry was getting dressed. He looked through the peep hole seeing a man in a suit holding a badge.

“May I help you?” he said, after opening the door.

“I’m detective Luck. May I come in?”

Jerry knew it was bad news He got a sickening feeling and had to fight the urge to throw up. Jerry’s world had changed in an instant.

Published by authorjturley

R James started writing bad poetry in his mid-30's. While taking a couple writing courses he wrote short stories with interesting characters. R James has been published in, Creepies 2: Things that go Bump in the Closet, Deviant Shadows: Tales of the Parabnormal, among others. R James got sick of the northern winters, and writes from the sunshine state, where the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

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