Cover of Darkness

The city he left six years ago wasn’t the same city when Harry moved back. Corruption had taken over City Hall and crime was at an all-time high. When Harry went to see about getting his detective job back, he was told because of budget cuts there was no job to be had.

When the Mayor was assassinated during a fourth-of-July parade Harry decided he had to do something. Harry didn’t like Deputy Mayor Hodges when he began his political career years ago. There were shady stories going around about him. With the Mayor being murdered, Harry came to the conclusion that they were true.

Under the cover of darkness, dressed all in black, Harry walked the streets of Pittsburgh looking to prevent any trouble he could. If the police weren’t going to be there, he was. Harry loved the city and will do anything to protect it. It’s one of the reasons he became a cop in the first place.

After Harry’s partner, his best friend growing up together, was killed by an assailant’s bullet it got to be too much. Harry had to get out of the city for his own good. He didn’t figure on being gone for as long as he was.

Dawn was breaking, the smell of rain was in the air. Hopping on the subway to the incline for the short walk to his house on Mt, Washington overlooking the city.

It was a quiet night. Hopefully it was a sign of things to come. As he lay in bed reflecting on the night, getting to know the city again, Harry couldn’t shake the feeling that it was going to get worse before it gets better.

Published by authorjturley

R James started writing bad poetry in his mid-30's. While taking a couple writing courses he wrote short stories with interesting characters. R James has been published in, Creepies 2: Things that go Bump in the Closet, Deviant Shadows: Tales of the Parabnormal, among others. R James got sick of the northern winters, and writes from the sunshine state, where the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

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