Great Adventure

“What was that?” Joe said out loud to no one.

Joe looked out the front window. Something was on the old football field across the street. He rushed over to get a better look.

Through the fence it looked like one of those spaceships from the 1960’s kids played with., only, life size. It was round with two level of light going around it. A set of lights under the bottom level that Joe assumed was the front. It looked like a helicopter tail coming out of the back, without the propeller. And three legs to stand on, one if the front and two in the rear.

A crowd had gathered, and some were trying to climb the fence to get into the field. The police tried to break up the crowed, but they were just as curious.

After a few minutes a ramp appeared, coming from the bottom from the ship. The mob went quiet and looked on with amazement. The fence lit up all around the field. A protective force seemed to enclose the fence.

Three small creatures exited the ship. Each of them walked upright on two legs like humans, were hairless and gray. Joe reached for his cell phone and took video. The creatures must have sensed it and looked up simultaneously. They seemed to enjoy it, showing off and waving.

Joe felt himself being pulled off the ground. He slowly flew over the fence landing in front of the creatures. All three of the pointed to the phone. Joe thought he should feel afraid but wasn’t, and showed them the video he just took,

“Do you want to come with us?” he heard.

Joe didn’t know which one said it, or how he heard it. None of them had a mouth. Must be some form of ESP.

Joe nodded and was very excited. He followed them up the ramp eager to take off, and what he hoped was a great adventure.

Published by authorjturley

R James started writing bad poetry in his mid-30's. While taking a couple writing courses he wrote short stories with interesting characters. R James has been published in, Creepies 2: Things that go Bump in the Closet, Deviant Shadows: Tales of the Parabnormal, among others. R James got sick of the northern winters, and writes from the sunshine state, where the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico.

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